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Construction, delivery and other service providers are put out for tender on a national or Europe-wide scale by Hamburg Port Authority in line with the legal framework for the tendering process.

You can find current tenders on the following pages, as well as projects which have already been awarded. The filter function helps you to hone your search. 

For their electronic tenders, Hamburg Port Authority uses the e-tendering platform iTWO e-Vergabe public, provided by RIB Software AG.

The e-tendering platform allows for the management of the tendering process on a completely electronic basis. You can download the tender documents free of charge from here, provide offers and participation applications in digital form, as well as view submission protocols. 

Further information

For personal delivery, our opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Questions concerning the award of HPA's construction, supply and services are answered by the Purchasing Department:



Aussschreibungen Vergabe

Quick and easy

Elec­tro­nic tendering simply explained in four steps:

1. Re­gis­ter
One-off re­gis­tration on the tendering ­plat­form gives you access to al­l the tenders published on the plat­form. Using your self-selected user ­na­me and pass­word, you can participate in public tenders at any time free of charge.
Please do not use your per­so­nal e-mail account when registering!

In the case of EU-wide open tenders, you can also access the tender documents without re­gis­tering (in PDF for­mat), in accordance with new EU guidelines.

2. Download the tender documents
You can apply to tender 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After applying, you can download the tender documents free of charge and begin the process.

3. Submit your bid
Di­gi­tal­ bids are signed with a­n elec­tro­nic si­gna­ture and submitted in encrypted form. 
It is still possible to submit your bid by signing the standard form, or elec­tro­nically in text ­form.
It is also still possible to submit your bid in pa­per ­form.

4. On­line sub­mis­si­on ­report
If you submitted your bid di­gi­tally, you can view the on­line sub­mis­si­on repor­t following sub­mis­si­on.

Why online? Here are the benefits

It's quicker

  • Complete service specifications and forms quickly and easily – no formatting, no printing
  • Import and export your service specification quickly and accurately, via GAEB interface
  • Fewer formal errors in the process, therefore fewer exclusions due to automatic checks
  • Optimise the submission date: all bids can be quickly withdrawn or amended before submission

It's secure

  • Only you can view and/or edit your bid
  • Other platform users cannot amend your bid 
  • The electronic tender process is fully documented – thereby guaranteeing transparency

It saves cos­ts

  • Download tender documents free of charge
  • By registering at rib.de, you can also research the tenders of other public contracting authorities free of charge
  • Flexible assistance via the hotline and HPA staff 

Marine infrastructure

Where can you find berths? Which registration forms do you need? Is a bridge blocked or threatened by floods? Our nautical center also navigates you through our port. Use our many services for port customers and residents.
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Road traffic in the port

Whether you need real-time traffic information, our parking guidance system or truck parking spots, you will find everything you need.
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Port railway

The harbor railway rolls: Directly to our guidelines, terms of use, charges or pre-registration for our loading tracks.
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