One of the main tasks of the transport infrastructure at the port is making sure the companies in the Port of Hamburg can use it at all times as far as possible. We from HPA have made it our goal to guarantee safe and smooth transport in the Port of Hamburg. 

You can find all the information you need on this page regarding traffic restrictions in our area of responsibility, including the current reports from the Hamburg flood warning service (WADI). 


Der Hamburger Sturmflutwarndienst (WADI) gibt Vorhersagen bekannt, wenn ein erwarteter Sturmflutscheitel einen Wasserstand von 4,50 m über Normalhöhennull (NHN) bzw. 2,40 m über mittlerem Hochwasser (MThw) überschreiten kann.
Die Gefahr einer Sturmflut mit einer Höhe von mehr als 4,50 m über NHN besteht zurzeit nicht.

For information, contact: 

  • For harbour residents on +49 40 3159-51 or 3159-52 (Hamburg Port Authority)
  • For the City of Hamburg on +49 40 428 28 - 0 oder 115

Floods are natural occurrences. Forecasts are subject to change. Third parties cannot claim damages for the fulfilment of tasks (see § 52 paragraph [4] of the Hamburg Water Act [HWaG]).

Traffic reports (Only in German)

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Overview of all traffic reports in the port on the

Tide level

Not only for professional and recreational sailors, but also for all, which can inspire the dynamic of the Elbe:

Here we provide you with the current tide level of the Elbe during the day, as registered at the official measuring station Hamburg St. Pauli.
Tide levels are available only up to the current time.

Marine infrastructure

Where can you find berths? Which registration forms do you need? Is a bridge blocked or threatened by floods? Our nautical center also navigates you through our port. Use our many services for port customers and residents.
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Road traffic in the port

Whether you need real-time traffic information, our parking guidance system or truck parking spots, you will find everything you need.
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Port railway

The harbor railway rolls: Directly to our guidelines, terms of use, charges or pre-registration for our loading tracks.
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