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The effective interface for freight and data transport

The Hamburg Port Authority has developed a new traffic management system for rail transport at the port of Hamburg called transPORT rail, which provides an effective interface for freight and data transport. Users can access the system either via an interface or via the internet (web client). Users are usually loading stations and rail transport companies, the latter can also provide their data to railway operators or other service providers, if they issue the appropriate authorisation.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the functionalities included in the system:

• Show trains
• Pre-register train compositions
• Check the tracks
• Create transport orders
• Set the carriage destinations
• Disposition of cargo and/or carriages
• Track vehicle locations
• Transmit dangerous goods data
• Maintain master data
• Configure user settings


Service centre

As the central point of contact for all Port Railway customers, the service centre is available 24/7. We are the first stop for transPORT rail users, e.g. to provide operational support, support for change requests or error messages, etc.

If you have any other questions about rail transport at the port of Hamburg, we would be happy to provide you with the appropriate contact information.

transPORT rail info

transPORT rail info is the Hamburg Port Railway information system. This is where current transport data for rail traffic at the port of Hamburg are displayed, e.g. transport orders, container status information and carriage locations.

A prerequisite for the opening and use of the transPORT rail web client (TPR) is that you have concluded a transPORT rail contract and received an access from the product management as well as a safety certificate for the installation.

To be able to open and use the trans­PORT rail webclient (TPR) there must have been a completion of contract. Furthermore you must have received an online access from the product management as well as a security certificate for the installation. 

Only under those circumstances you will be able to open the following link:

Go to transPORT rail Web-Client


Not yet registered?

No problem! Registration is quick and easy. The technical prerequisite is a x.509 certificate, that we provide you free of charge. The cost of the use of transPORT rail info is in accordance with the current list of fees and charges and depends on the scope of the desired data module. We offer free trials so you can become more familiar with the system.

For further information contact us: contact registration 

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