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Inland waterway shipping in the Port of Hamburg

Hamburg is not only a key port for shipping within Europe – the “Gateway to the World” is also a significant transhipment hub for inland waterway shipping. From specific requirements, such as a vehicle loading ramp or waste disposal, to tugging or berthing regulations, we are your contact.

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Port of Hamburg STC Inland Shipping  01.04.2021
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Port of Hamburg STC Inland Shipping  01.01.2022
Port of Hamburg Pricelist Inland Shipping 01.01.2022

ELBA Portal for inland waterway vessels

  • Announce arrival and departure and select tariffs online for inland waterway vessels
  • Are you new to the portal? Register here. Click here for video instructions
  • Everything at a glance – you have access at all times to your arrivals/departure announcements and chosen combination fees.
  • The invoicing of your usage of the port is based on the tariff chosen on the ELBA portal for your vessel.
  • In standard cases, the invoice is generated automatically and sent via email.
  • Does your actual usage of the port go beyond the scope of performance of your selected tariff? If so, please contact the fee department for inland waterway and port transhipment directly at ebhs@hpa.hamburg.de or use the form in our Form Centre.

Before announcing your arrival for the first time or selecting a tariff, you need to enter your basic information just once after signing in (vessel data, invoice or service recipient). To ensure this step is as fast and easy as possible, please have the following information ready:

Vessel data:


Dimensions (length, breadth, max. draught)

Main engine(s) output in kW or max. load capacity according to calibration certificate, or for passenger vessels the max. number of permitted people

Ship certificate as PDF or similar (can be uploaded with the system of your vessel)

Invoice/service recipient data:

Name (in full)

Postal address

Email address (for electronic invoicing / self-clearance)


You will be guided through the application in just a few steps. All arrivals/departures and combination fees can be stored, reviewed and printed at any time. Through the use of the function Favourites, you can generate a sign-in or sign-out in just two steps. Use these functions for vessels regularly shipping to and from Hamburg (same vessel, same route, same load). 

To generate a new sign-in or sign-out, please select Inland waterway sign-in in the main navigation menu. You can then select a tariff within the scope of the inland waterway sign-in or separately under Combination fees. Once you have entered all the necessary data and clicked on the button Submit/Complete, your data will be transmitted to HPA.

You can access all your arrivals/departures and selected combination fees of your account at any time and print them with the Overview function. If you have stored arrival/departure information before submission, you can access this again at any time and continue editing it. If you are looking for a specific procedure, you can find this with the help of the Filter function in the overview.

Do you have any questions about the application of the portal? Or have the data of your vessel or the postal address of the invoice and/or service recipient changed? Simply contact us via email at ebhs@hpa.hamburg.de. You can also reach the fee department for inland waterway and port transhipment (EBHS) via telephone on +49 40 428475500 during office hours from Monday to Friday.

We have compiled important information for inland waterway shippers here:

The following berths are available to inland waterway vessels, without load handling, for waiting:

  • Oortkaten Port: 2 locks (No. 1 and 2)
  • Billwerder Bay, Ausschläger Elbdeich: 3 locks (No. 1, 2 and 3)
  • Peute Port: 1 lock (No. 10)
  • Dalben berth, Peute Port east: Dalben (no land connection)
  • Steendick Canal: 1 locks (No.4)
  • Aue Hauptdeich: 3 locks (No. 2, 3 and 4)
  • Süderelbe: 3 locks (No. 73, 75 and 82)
  • Süderelbe east of the train bridge (Finkenriek): 4 locks (No. 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Dalben berth, Holstenkatenpfähle: Dalben (no land connection)
  • Rethe shore, Dalben berth: Dalben (no land connection)
  • Reiherstieg Ewersveen: Dalben (no land connection)
  • Reiherstieg Ewersveen: 2 locks (No. 2 and 3)
  • Kattwyk Süderelbe, north and south: Dalben (no land connection/waiting area for temporary anchoring)
  • Lauenbrucherhafen: 1 lock (No. 83)
  •  Retheufer WT 64
  • Holthusenkai (Nr. 1, 2, 3)
  • Holthusenkai (Pfähle)

There are various locations in the Port of Hamburg where inland waterway vessels have the opportunity to benefit from shore power via a credit system.
The so-called electricity key (for 10, 25 or 50 euros) can be purchased from:

Neuer Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 42847-2572

or from:
Fa. Seco Dienste + Handel GmbH at the Entenwerder Customs Port
Entenwerder 3, 20539 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 7800800

Electricity stations

The arrival of an inland waterway vessel is to be announced 24 hours BEFORE arrival; however, at the latest when the previous port was departed and the time of the departure was at least 2 hours before departure from the port. The reporting obligation is considered to be met when the announcement takes place electronically via the reporting portal (e.g. ELBA portal) provided by the responsible body.

Inland waterway vessels and port vessels have to be manned during their stay in the ports or under guard to the extent of care required by the regulations, taking into account the current traffic, weather, tidal and ice conditions.

In the event that an inland waterway tank vessel (according to Section 30, Paragraph 1 of the Waterway Regulations), coming from the direction of the upper Elbe requires a port pilot, the onboarding of the pilot for the section Süderelbe takes place at Finkenriek Lock 4, for the onboarding of the pilot for the section Norderelbe it is at the car loading area Entenwerder. When ordering a pilot, you need to provide information regarding at which of the two positions the pilot should take over.


If required, drinking water can be ordered from Fa. Fr. Jacobsen & Cons at the water boat on frequency channel 74 or via telephone on +49 40 373561.

The opportunity to load a car is possible for inland waterway vessels. The vehicle loading ramp is located at the Entenwerder berth at the Entenwerder Customs Port (Entenwerder 7, 20539 Hamburg). The conditions of use are to be complied with.

The locks erected for inland waterway vessels are connected to the city rubbish system.

For the usage of the port by inland waterway vessels which do not participate in maritime transport, a combination fee will be levied in the respective price group in the price list for inland waterway vessels. According to the price list, various tariffs (combination fees) are available to choose from. These differ according to the duration of usage, the kind and/or intensity of usage. The tariff can be selected via the ELBA portal. Usage which goes beyond the scope of usage for the tariff chosen is to be applied for separately. Please use the forms for this in our Form Centre.

The standard terms and conditions for the usage of the Port of Hamburg by vessels (Port Terms and Conditions), including the price lists, can be found here.

Do you have any queries about the tariffs or the ELBA portal? If so, please contact the fee department for inland waterway vessels and port transhipment (EBHS).

Information for Boatsmen

Here is where you can find links to informative websites:


Water police

Pro medical service



Should you have any questions about the tariff or the ELBA Portal, please contact the charging body for port and inland waterway vessels:

Tel.: +49 40 42847-5500

Email: ebhs@hpa.hamburg.de

What to do during a flood

If your home or your company is within the flood zone, you should know about the dangers, the warning radio channels and the escape routes out of the zone. You can find all the information you need here.
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Bridges and locks

The Elbe islands are connected to one another via 133 bridges. We are responsible for their maintenance and building. To ensure you enjoy smooth sailing, you can find their opening hours and hours of operation here, as well as contact information for arrivals.
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The latest traffic reports, form downloads and more, as well as your HPA contact persons – here is where you can find everything.
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